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When you use Xtend Elite by Scivation, you’re going to:
  • Experience better overall muscle endurance – you’ll be prepared to go that extra mile while in the gym and push through any fatigue
  • Increased overall strength output, which can help you hit those PR’s you’re aiming to
  • Improved recovery time between workout sessions. Spend less time sidelined and more time doing the hard work that will make you a better athlete
  • Increased naturally occurring energy (without the use of harsh stimulants)
  • Greater overall focus and concentration, which will allow you to put in a better workout session
  • Improved muscle pumps, which can both serve to motivate you and move blood into the working muscle tissues. This can then further enhance your overall strength output
  • Increased fat loss thanks to the higher work level you’ll achieve during the workout session, which can then increase your overall metabolic rate outside of the gym
  • Enhanced hydration thanks to the great taste this product has to offer. Once you mix it in with your water, you’ll actually want to start drinking more fluid during your workout session

Xtend Elite by Scivation is a great product to replace some of the caffeine based intraworkouts or even pre-workouts you take if you want something that is caffeine free and easier on your body. You’ll still get naturally occurring energy and better workout performance, but you’ll avoid the crash that can sometimes come with stimulant based products.

In every serving of Xtend Elite by Scivation, you’ll take in:
  • 640 mcg of vitamin B6 to help boost energy levels
  • 210 mg of potassium to help support optimal blood pressure and muscle contractions
  • 3500 mg of L-Leucine to assist with the reduction in fatigue
  • 2500 mg of L-glutamine to support a healthy immune system and better recovery between your workout session
  • 1750 mg of both L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, which are essential for keeping your muscles well nourished and ensuring optimal strength output

Xtend Elite by Scivation contains Peak 02 which is proven to maximise power & support your intake of oxygen. It is one supplement you want to have on your side if you are going to perform as best as possible so don’t leave for the gym without it.