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Some of the key benefits you’ll receive upon taking Staunch include:
  • Faster repair after each workout session – this means you recover quickly and can get back into the gym to train faster than ever before
  • Improved muscle retention during periods of dieting. Muscle mass loss can be all too common but with Whey Isolate, you can prevent this.
  • Improve digestion. Thanks to the addition of digestive enzymes, you won’t suffer from the same degree of bloating or stomach upset when using this product than if you had used a typical whey
  • Absolutely zero grams of fat and only two grams of carbs with less than one gram of added sugar. You know it’s a quality product when you are getting nearly 100% pure protein
  • Fantastic for those looking to get as lean as possible. Because this protein powder contains so few grams of carbs or fats, it’s ideal for those who are trying to lean down and get shredded
  • Heart healthy thanks to the fact it contains no cholesterol so you don’t have to worry about it raising your levels
  • Low sodium to help boost heart health even further. At just 200 mg per serving, it’s an easy addition to your diet plan
  • Antioxidant benefits thanks to the cocoa powder added in for greater flavour

A quality whey isolate protein powder should be a product that every gym-goer has in their household. Even those who aren’t going to the gym regularly can greatly benefit as it can help fill the void for protein as needed.

Each serving of Whey Isolate by Staunch will provide you with:
  • 100 calories – which is easily added to any diet plan
  • 0 grams of total fat
  • 2 grams of carbs, of which less than one gram is sugar
  • 25 grams of high quality protein
  • no fillers – flavored naturally with cocoa powder and sucralose