Price-Beat Guarantee




Price Beat Guarantee - Muscle Factory Promise

We will ensure we stock all products at the best prices for our customers. It is our promise to you.

If you find any products cheaper anywhere else, please Contact Us using the form on our website or feel free to email us at or call us on 0415 069 509 and our Muscle Factory Team will be able to assist you. 

Please remember to link us the website where you found the product cheaper. 


Our Muscle Factory Price Beat Guarantee applies to any identical products that we stock: 

  • Must be exact match (flavour, size/servings, packaging, expiry date)

  • Items being matched must be brand new and factory sealed

  • Items being matched must be in-stock and not sold-out 

  • Item must be stocked at Muscle Factory

  • Item being matched must also include delivery fees and any offers

  • Item being matched must be from Australia only


Our Muscle Factory Price Beat Guarantee will not apply to any of the below:

  • Any international sellers outside of Australia

  • Ebay or Amazon or Catch of the Day Pricing

  • If a product has been price beat by Muscle Factory, no additional discounts apply

  • Any bulk order costs are not applicable

  • Stock liquidations 

The Muscle Factory Team looks forward to hearing from you. As our promise to our customers, we will ensure we honour providing the best prices in Australia.